Alltech’s Town Branch distillery in Lexington added to Kentucky Bourbon Trail

Situated in the cluster of Alltech building at the junction of West Maxwell Street, Versailles Road and Oliver Lewis Way, the distillery produces Town Branch bourbon, named after the underground aquifer that runs through downtown Lexington and feeds some of the Lexington water supply.
The other distilleries on the Kentucky Bourbon Trail are: Four Roses, Lawrenceburg; Heaven Hill, Bardstown; Jim Beam, Clermont; Maker’s Mark, Loretto; Wild Turkey, Lawrenceburg and Woodford Reserve, Versailles.
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Beautiful day at Four Roses.

Some dusty old Virginia Gentleman.  Bottled back around ‘88.

Not the find of the century, but I was amazed to find any dusty bourbon in the wild.
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Was originally heading to Four Roses yesterday, but they had their power knocked out by a huge storm and were sadly closed.

Settled for going right down the road to the Wild Turkey distillery.

Not pictured, my face after sampling their 81 proof Rye.  Not good.

Can you name them all without looking?
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